From Here, Greater Light

Our Technology

We are a manufacturing company that transforms the power of light into value and provides that value by having it customized to the needs of our customers. We are pioneering the future of industry with world-class optical and image processing technologies.

High-precision optical design and production technologies

We have four core technologies: precision molding, thin film, optical element processing, and micro-processing, and optical design and production technologies that combine these technologies to create high value. This enables us to achieve superior quality in a wide range of products, such as cameras and projectors. It is also widely applied to industrial solutions, contributing to improved production efficiency and quality.

Advanced development and design combining optics and image processing technologies

We provide sensing and display products utilizing our advanced technologies in the automotive business and other industrial fields that require high quality and high reliability. Through the fusion of optical and image processing technologies cultivated over many years, we provide advanced value and contribute to the realization of a safe, secure, and comfortable society.


We actively customize our products to meet the needs of our customers. By utilizing our advanced optical technologies and providing solutions optimized for specific applications and required specifications, we contribute to solving problems in a wide variety of industries.

Our technology is highly trusted in many fields, including the industrial sector. We will continue to innovate and aim for further technological advancement.


Our Mission

Blessing of Light to Values of Well-being

Light, a bountiful source for Earth and life, guides civilization’s journey.
  Honoring light and nature, we explore its boundless potential.
  Our goal ensures prosperity and health for all, aiming for a future filled with light.